Can We Get HIV From Contaminated Food?

Just over half Americans say they'd not eat a meal created by someone who is HIV+, in step with a survey by Casey House, an HIV hospital in Toronto. To fight that stigma and information, the non-profit-making opened a pop-up building wherever all the cooks' area unit HIV+.

Still, to quell fears, we have a tendency to asked Paul Volberding, M.D., director of the AIDS Research Institute at the University of California at San Fransisco, if there would be any thanks to get HIV from food ready by somebody with the virus.

Do you have considerations concerning food boiled or served by somebody who is HIV+?
No. The majority has doubtless already been served by an HIV+ person, did not are aware of it, and did not contract the virus. That is as a result of HIV is transferred solely from fluids to fluids, blood to blood or through sex.

But what if the cook cut herself?
The majority of individuals with HIV area unit on treatment and have an undetectable quantity of the virus in their blood, creating it unable to infect you. Still, if the cook cut herself, she would stop preparation, toss the food, dress her wound, and sanitize the realm, as any cook would.

And if she did not notice that she had cut herself?
Even if a little quantity of blood gets into the food while not anyone noticing, the room atmosphere is inhospitable to the virus.

Inhospitable which means what, exactly?
Kitchen exposure to air and warmth whereas preparation would kill the virus.

And if the chef's blood somehow got on cold food, sort of a salad?
Since the food is consumed orally, not an open cut, your abdomen acid would kill the virus because it goes through your gastrointestinal system.

What if you, the client, had a cut in your mouth?
Even so, it's not possible for such a little quantity of blood to form it within there and infect you. It's like {trying|making an attempt|attempting} to hit a bull's-eye in location with an arrow-impossible.

Has anyone anyplace ever gotten HIV from food ready by someone with HIV?
No. Nobody has ever contractile HIV via food homework. There's zero risk of HIV transmission.

Source: Women's Health

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