How to Safely View Our Own Blog Installed Adsense Ads

How is the safest way to see our own blog installed Adsense ad codes in order to not suspect by google?

Opening our own blog is a risk activity for Adsense ads because the number of ads impressions will be counted by Google.

But there are some ways to open it safely. First, if we use the blogger platform, we can use the Preview feature to see the look of our blog because the number of impressions will not be counted by using it. The Preview feature on blogger not showing the URL of our blog, so the preview URL is not included as a site of authorizing (but make sure we enable authorization site)

On the other hands, when we are replying comments from visitor, we cannot prevent ourselves to do not open the blog and then it will increase the number of invalid impressions on our Adsense account. But don't worry about tahat, google certainly has certain limitations considered reasonable and can still be tolerated.

Second, if we use  Wordpress platform, we open the site directly or by preview feature, both featuring our blog URL, so would be considered invalid impressions.

To reduce the number of invalid impressions, don't replay comments by opening a blog, but just answer comments via Wordpress-admin dashboard. So we don't get too often open our own blog.

According to Google's suggestions:
to avoid invalid clicks and impressions, we recommended using the Aadsense preview tool, i.e., install the Google Publisher Toolbar on Google Chrome browser. Later the number of impressions will be filtered by Google so that we are safe from the risk of doing impressions of invalid, and in addition we are also safe from the risk of accidentally click because ads cannot be clicked because coated by a thin membrane of artificial Google Publisher Toolbar.

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