4 The Best and Worst Foods for Bone Health

4 The Best and Worst Foods for Bone Health - Salt
Talking about bones, what you have in mind might be milk that contains lots of calcium. But actually the best food for health is not just milk. So, what is the best and worst food for bone health? The answer can surprise you.

Here are some of the best foods for bone health, as reported by Care2 (09/22).

A. Best Foods

1. Dark green leafy vegetables Dark
and green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach contain lots of calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. If you want to get strong and healthy bones, dark green vegetables are the number one food that must be consumed!

2. Grains
Grains such as pumpkin seeds are also one of the best foods if you want to maintain bone health and strength. Pumpkin seeds contain many minerals that are good for bone formation. Add grains to your salad to get the benefits.

3. Beans ground
Eating peanuts can help protect your bones. You can add peanuts to food or make a snack.

4. Nuts
Legumes such as kidney beans or beans also contain many nutrients to maintain bone health. The best for bone health is black beans.

Those are some of the best foods for your bone health. Meanwhile, there are also foods that should be avoided if you want to keep your bones healthy and strong. Here are some of the worst foods for bones.

B. Worst Food

1. Dairy products
You must be surprised. Because milk is considered the best source of calcium, most people think that dairy products like cheese are also good for bones. But in fact, dairy products can absorb calcium from bones and increase the risk of porous bones.

2. Salt
If you want to live healthy, avoid consuming too much salt. Salt is also bad for bone health. Research in Japan found that women who ate more salt were four times more likely to experience bone loss.

3. Soda
drinks Soft drinks can not only damage teeth, but also bad for bones. Researchers believe that phosphorus acid in soda can increase the risk of porous bones.

4. Too much protein
Eating healthy foods must also be balanced. Eating too much protein can weaken bones. Therefore, fulfill your protein needs, but also do not overdo it and balance it with other nutrients.

Those are some of the best and worst foods for bone health. Eat foods that are good for bones and avoid bad food for the bones above!

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