Eat Stale Foods Accidentally? You Must To Do This!

Sometimes we accidentally eat stale food. Although the portion is not much, the effects can be quickly felt. Nausea, diarrhea, and other side effects. Then, what really happened? And what steps should be taken immediately?

Generally, food is called stale when you experience changes in taste, aroma, color or texture. The taste is generally sour, the aroma is sharper, the color is paler, and the texture is softer. This condition is caused by the decomposition of evil organisms (pathogens) such as bacteria or fungi that leave residual substances. This residual decomposition is usually in the form of a gas that has a distinctive aroma as we usually find in stale food.

If it enters the human digestive system, stale food will certainly have a negative impact. Therefore, before it really gets worse, here are a few things you can do immediately after knowing you have eaten stale food.

1. Don't vomit
Foods that have been swallowed, even if they are stale, should not be vomited. The reason is that coercion will actually trigger more stomach acid production which is fatal for the digestive organs. If so, the disrupted effects of the digestive system will be more rapid and prolonged.

2. Drink some waters
The research showed that water have a good effect on digestion. It is not only help encourage food while in the digestive system, water is also able to neutralize the acidic atmosphere that is too excessive due to stale food and helps activate enzymes that can kill pathogenic organisms that have entered with the stale food. Try to drink warm water rather than cold water because it maximizes the work of the digestive system.

These two steps are the first help. However, if you still want to be assured of being free of the bad effects of stale food, you can try these following steps.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
High fiber content makes both types of food have a good effect on the digestive tract. Both the digestive tract will maximize the role of good organisms which are then able to eat or destroy bad germs in the intestine. So there is no harm in consuming these two foods after you accidentally consume stale food.

4. Coconut Water and Lemon Juice
Both types of drinks are considered as natural detoxifying detoxifiers that can cleanse the digestive tract. The content of bad anti-bacteria found in coconut and lemon water will be able to get rid of pathogenic organisms that enter with stale food.

5. Honey
The results showed that high sugar levels in honey were able to inhibit the growth and development of bad bacteria. Honey is also sour which can prevent the survival of pathogenic organisms. In fact, honey has some anti-bacterial properties such as inhibin, glycosides and polyphenols.

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