11 Ways to Maintain the Health and Cleanliness of the Nose

11 Ways to Maintain the Health and Cleanliness of the Nose
The body consists of several organs that are very important to support our lives, where each of these organs has its own duties and functions. For this reason, we must always try to keep these organs in a healthy and prime condition, so that later they can do their job well so that we become healthy individuals. One of the organs that we must guard is the nose, where in addition to breathing, these organs also act as a sense of smell for us.

Expert Opinion Regarding Nose Health
"According to someone in the field of allergies and immunology at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington named Josep E. Kelleher, MD, states that the nose and sinuses are the first line of defense in the respiratory system, both of which consist of several tissues such as mucous membranes and cilia that aim to filter and moisturize the air we breathe. If your nose has a problem or health problem, then the organ will not work properly and will have an impact on the health of other organs such as respiratory problems and problems with your voice. "

So what do we need to do to keep our nose healthy? There are several ways that we can do to get the sense of smell is still healthy, including:

1. Protect your nose from dust and other pollution
When doing activities in places that contain a lot of dust and while driving, it will cause your nose to breathe substances that are very harmful to your health. Dust and contaminated air that is inhaled will make the nose dirty. Well, to protect these organs, you should cover your nose or use a mask while you are active in these places.

2. Try to avoid the source of allergies
If you are an allergic sufferer , then what needs to be done is to minimize contact with allergic sources such as dust, pollen, animal hair (for example: cat fur dangers ), the dangers of cigarette smoke , and other sources to prevent damage to your nose and sinus organs .

3. Improve the quality of clean air in the environment
This is one simple step in an effort to protect the nose from things that can harm his health. The things that must be done to create clean air in the environment around you in order to reduce your sense of smell risk from health problems include:

  • Wash curtains and bed linen regularly (at least once every 2 days)
  • Replace the carpet floor for example with wood tiles
  • Clean children's toys from dust and dirt
  • Change pillows regularly
  • Don't let pets such as cats stop by the bed
  • Use air filters
  • Complete the house with a vent or window so that air circulation can occur in the room

4. Maintain humidity in the room
Dry air will cause the sinus organs to dry out. As a result, these organs will become susceptible to being infected with harmful bacteria. For that, try to maintain and increase humidity in the room, especially in winter. The humidity level that is good for the health of sinus organs and skin is around 40 to 50 percent.

Air humidity above 60% will increase the growth of fungi, mites and dust. Proper air humidity and wakefulness will help reduce the risk of various types of diseases such as asthma and other causes of skin allergies . You can use a device such as a humidifier or vaporizer for this.

5. Fulfill fluid intake in the body
Fulfilling fluid intake in the body will be very useful to keep the sinus and nose organs moist. This can promote a healthier nose and less susceptible to attacks by dangerous diseases.

6. Avoid sources of infection
If there are people who are close to you who are experiencing health problems such as flu , runny nose, or respiratory infections. So the best step for you is to avoid spreading the virus to yourself by avoiding close contact with them. Why? Because when they sneeze, infectious disease viruses and bacteria that cause these health problems can be carried by the air we breathe. This is what will cause us to get infected.

7. Get used to washing hands with soap
The right and quite easy step to avoid various kinds of diseases that can attack the nose and sinuses is to diligently wash hands with soap. The right way to wash your hands is to use soap so that the germs that cause the disease die.

8. Clean the dirt that sticks to the nose
When someone is attacked by a cold or a cold, it will usually be accompanied by the discharge of mucus every time sneezing. If the mucus is left alone, it will dry out and stick to the nose. This will make the nose look dirty and dirty. So when sneezing, you should immediately clean the mucus so that the nose is always clean. In addition, use a mask to avoid spreading the virus to other people.

9. Avoid picking your nose with your hands
Hands are one agent that can deliver germs and bacteria that cause disease. For this reason, it is best to avoid picking your nose with your hands. In addition, the activity of digging your nose with your hands can cause infection in your sense of smell, like a nosebleed . It's good if the nose feels dirty and itchy, it should be cleaned using a towel or cloth that is clean and wet.

10. Clean the nose with salt water
A study has shown that cleaning the nose and sinus organs using warm saline solutions can help reduce the risk of infection and other chronic problems in these organs. You can also use nasal cleaning products that are currently being sold at pharmacies.

11. Pay attention to drug use
Continuous use of several types of drugs can cause nasal problems as a side effect. Such problems include congestion caused by rebound jams. For that, you should consult with your doctor or other medical personnel before taking drugs.

The nose is one of the most vital organs that our body has. If the organ is not properly maintained, it will be very easy for him to be exposed to pollution, dust, the effects of temperature changes, and infections which will eventually cause damage to him. For that reason, it is appropriate if we always maintain the health of these organs by learning how to treat these organs better. Because with a good treatment will be able to free the nose from pain and other symptoms.

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