Here Are 8 Health Problems That Cause Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced right neck pain? Actually, the neck is very vulnerable to injury due to too much movement and is not protected by other parts of the body. Sometimes, neck pain can strike on both sides, whether right or left. However, if the right neck hurts, what is the cause?

What are the causes of right neck pain?

The neck is connected to several other parts of the body. For this reason, neck pain can cause pain in other areas of your body, including your shoulders, arms, back, jaw, or head.

Neck pain on the right or left side of the neck can disappear by itself, or with home care, after a few days or weeks. You should see a doctor if you have chronic or severe neck pain.

There are a number of conditions that might cause the right neck to hurt, which can actually cause pain in the left neck. What are the causes?

1. Muscle tension

You may experience a sore right neck after using a computer or cellphone for a long time. Or you may also experience neck pain when driving long distances or doing work or hobbies that limit head movements for a long time.

These activities can cause the muscles in your neck to become weak. If your neck muscles are weak, your neck joint can become stiff and you may have difficulty moving your neck. Rigid neck joints can contact nerves or muscles when spinning, causing pain.

2. Wrong sleeping position

Your neck may get sick after sleeping in an unusual position. You are more likely to experience neck pain if you sleep on your stomach. Sleeping with too many pillows can also cause the right neck to hurt because the head and neck are not parallel to your other body parts.

Also, your mattress may be too soft and cause harmony between your head and neck to die compared to other parts of your body.

3. Poor posture

Poor posture directly affects the muscles near your neck and shoulders and your spine. The longer you maintain a bad posture, the weaker your body parts, which causes more pain.

4. Anxiety or stress

Having anxiety or stress can cause your muscles to become tight, especially feeling around your neck and shoulders.

5. Whisplash

Trauma to the neck can cause neck sprains, which cause pain. Whiplash is another term used for neck sprains. This happens when the ligaments or muscles in your neck get hurt because of something that affects the body which causes your neck to widen and get back into place too fast. This impact can occur if you have a car accident or when riding a roller coaster.

6. Brachial plexus injury

Brachial plexus injury can occur when you play contact sports or in a traumatic accident. This can damage the brachial plexus, a set of nerves that connect the spine, shoulders, arms and hands, which causes neck pain.

7. Degenerative disorders

There are several degenerative disorders, namely disorders that occur due to the aging process, can be related to joints, spine, muscles, and other parts of your neck that can cause pain.

This condition can occur from aging or from other health conditions. Some of these degenerative conditions are arthritis, nerve inflammation, cervical disc degeneration, and neck fractures.

8. Other causes

Right neck pain can also be associated with accidents, high fever, and symptoms such as pain in the arms and legs, or headaches. The cause of these symptoms must be diagnosed by a doctor immediately.

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