Astronomers Find Dog Bone-shaped Asteroid

Astronomers Find Dog Bone-shaped Asteroid - Space stores a lot of space rocks, aka asteroids.  Recently, astronomers have managed to photograph an asteroid shaped like a dog bone and two small moons.

As reported by the Mirror, an astronomer said the first time the Cleopatra space rock was seen in the asteroid line between the planets Mars and Jupiter was in 1880.

However, in recent decades, they have noticed that the outermost rock has a strange shape.

To examine objects, they used the Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Franck Marchis, an astronomer at the SETI Institute in California, said understanding complex asteroid systems could help humans learn more about the solar system.

Ini 2008, Marchis and his team saw two moons of Cleopatra named Alex Helios and Cleo Selene.

What's more, new analysis suggests the two moons came from the asteroid Cleopatra itself.

Even so, they did not rule out if there were other small moons orbiting Cleopatra's orbit.

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