Ahead of Its Release, Here Are Some New Pixel 6 Features

Google activated its partnership with BMW to allow you to unlock the car with a Pixel phone.

Ahead of Its Release, Here Are Some New Pixel 6 Features
Gratisun - Ahead of the launch of the latest Pixel 6 phone, Google presents some new Android features exclusively specifically pixel users. Pixel feature updates occur regularly for both old and new Pixels.

These updates include getting faster access to Snapchat, controlling bass levels in Pixel Buds, and hearing conversations better. For Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users, the update also brings a digital car key and enables Ultra Wideband for Nearby Share.

The new Quick Tap to Snap feature makes the Pixel the fastest smartphone to create Snap, allowing you to grab Snapchat's camera right from the lock screen by double-tapping on the back of your phone. Google also plans to bring a new Pixel exclusive lens to Snapchat starting later this month with the Pixel Face. Quick Tap to Snap is available for all Pixel 4a with 5G or newer Pixel phones.

Digital Car Keys

Reported by Digital Trends, Tuesday (7/12), Google activated its partnership with BMW to allow you to unlock the car with a Pixel phone. You can unlock the car door by tapping the Pixel on the car handle. This feature will be available to Pixel 6 users on certain BMW 2020-2022 models in select countries.

In addition, you can also start your car by putting your phone in a designated place on the interior console and pressing the engine start button. The Pixel 6 Pro gets Ultra Wideband support to improve Nearby Share sending data quickly such as files, photos, and videos to other nearby Ultra Wideband devices.

More updates

Pixel users will also get the first beta experience of Conversation Mode, a new early-stage accessibility feature in the Sound Amplifier app that enhances conversations and filters out noise so you can better hear what others are saying in noisy environments.

The Now Playing experience on the Pixel 4 and newer phones has been updated to give you more options to recognize the music playing around. The new search button will tell your phone to dig deeper by reaching out to Google Search for tracks that can't be identified using the database on the device.

Google is also doubling the range of bass available in the Pixel Buds app with a new slider that lets you customize from -1 to +4. It works on pixel buds A-series with any device running Android 6.0 or later.

Lastly, Google added several new countries and languages to its Crash Detection feature and recording app. Crash Detection is now available in Taiwan, Italy and France while the Recorder app can now copy Japanese, French and German on Pixel 3 phones and newer Pixel phones.

The update began rolling out Monday to all Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a (5G) devices running Android 12. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices start next week. A full list of all improvements and changes can be found in the Pixel forum.

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