Japan Deserves To Be A Developed Country

Japan Deserves To Be A Developed Country
Gratisun.site - I am a fan of Japanese films and series. There are things that can make me love every movie and series I watch.

When it comes to screenplay or acting of the cast, Japanese films are quite competitive with Korean films. Only, yes, for me, Korean film stories can indeed be more related to the audience, while some Japanese films feel too 'strange' storyline.

However, once you meet a good Japanese film, yes, very good. Please watch the recommendations of Japanese movies and series I've watched on Netflix here.

However, Japanese films and series can amaze me because some of them can make me think: It's worth it, Japan is becoming a developed country.

No, no, it's not about the technology or the futuristic theme of the movie. It's about how the Japanese film and series show that its citizens can live a prosperous life (at least not difficult to eat) by undergoing the work that becomes the passion.

In the Born To Be A Flowerseries, you can see that people can prosper 'just' by having an ikebana school (the tradition of flower arranging art). His characters can be famous figures because of it.

In the Cursed in Loveseries, the characters also have their own honor for pursuing their passion: Being a typical Japanese snack maker (a kind of market snack 'Sakura Country').

Every time I saw such a thing, I recalled the words of Sanento Yuliman: "A great nation is a nation that can appreciate ordinary people and ordinary jobs."

How come, a normal job? Is that an amazing culture?

Yes, but you realize not that it's just a 'flower arranging' job, just a 'baking' job. How many people are rich and proud to pursue these two professions in Indonesia?

Indonesians who are respected are doctors, soldiers, police, state officials, state civil apparatus. If 'only' the craftsmen, yes, it is just a 'normal job'.

Shortly before this post was written, I replied to a message with my friend who had worked as a translator. Even for a job that demands high language skills, she feels underappreciated in terms of pay and hard work.

If Indonesians still like to underestimate someone's work, when does this country want to be a big and advanced nation? (1/365)

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