Wife Changes Body After 7 Months of Marriage, Husband Does Not Accept and Divorce Lawsuit to Court

Wife Changes Body After 7 Months of Marriage, Husband Does Not Accept and Divorce Lawsuit to Court
Gratisun.site - A wife undergoes a change of body after seven months of marriage.

The husband who did not accept the change of his wife's body filed a divorce lawsuit to the Family Court.

The incident took place in Egypt and divorce proceedings are still ongoing in court.

Reporting from Gulf News,Friday (07/01/2022), an Egyptian man wants to divorce his wife after seven months of marriage.

The reason the man wants to divorce his wife is because his body difference has increased.

The husband, in his 20s, claimed that his wife gained weight within months of marriage.

Therefore he was unable to accept his recent appearance.

In his lawsuit, the husband has repeatedly reminded his wife to diet, exercise and live a healthy life.

But it was not disturbed by his wife so that his weight increased.

"I advise my wife to go on a diet and live a healthy lifestyle to maintain a good body shape," he said.

"But he refused and continued to damage our marital relationship and happiness," the man said in his lawsuit.

The man who insisted on asking for a divorce told egypt's family court that they fought almost every day over the issue.

"We have been involved in verbal altercations every day because of this issue. She ignored her appearance and became overweight," she said.

He said that his wife now looks like a grandmother and does not look like a young woman in general.

"My wife now looks like my grandmother, unlike how a young woman should look."

"I can no longer accept this," the man said in his lawsuit.

In the defence, the wife accused her husband of causing her depression. Until he gained weight.

The case is still in the family court.

Wife Divorces Husband for Often Wearing Boxer

A wife filed for divorce in court because she couldn't bear to see her husband.

She said her husband often wears underwear or boxers when in the house and it makes him 'can't stand it'.

The incident took place in Cairo, Egypt, after the two married in October 2021.

After marriage, many couples think the two will be familiar and close so that they can be comfortable in how to dress.

Perhaps for that reason, a husband in Egypt feels comfortable in the presence of his wife just by wearing boxer panties at home.

But not denied, this is also the cause of his marriage with his wife led to divorce.

Reporting from Gulf News, Tuesday (12/14/2021) A couple in Cairo, who did not want to be named, only married for 2 months decided to divorce.

Because, after marriage, the husband often only wears boxer panties and then casually walks around the house.

The way the husband is dressed at home makes the wife unable to see the scenery, so he feels very embarrassed.

The wife has repeatedly advised and advised her husband to understand her.

But the husband ignored her and still relaxed using stelan like that.

"I'm in my own home, so I'm going to feel comfortable, and for me it's comfortable wearing clothes like this," said the husband, who knows his wife.

The couple then had serious talks over the matter, and the wife instead asked for a divorce.

Hearing this, the husband asked her to go to her parents' house for some time to rethink and decide.

"I went to my family home waiting for him to call or ask about me, but he never did," she said.

"His carelessness about my feelings prompted me to file a divorce case (khula) in the family court," she added.

He also said that they had been separated for a while.

The divorce case is still in the family court.

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