China Develops Doomsday Train

China develops Doomsday Train - China is reportedly considering using a missile train that could send its monstrous nuclear arsenal across the country at a staggering speed.

The so-called 'doomsday' train is reportedly part of the development of China's new military strategy.

According to a government-funded study, engineers say the logistics of transporting the Dongfeng DF-41 nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile train.

The missile reportedly weighs about 80 tons and is claimed to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads up to 9,300 miles from the launch pad.

According to the Express website, Thursday, March 31, 2022, Chinese engineers claimed that transporting missiles on trains could hide them better. Rail-based launches will be harder to detect.

This method can also improve launch efficiency, where any damage to the rails from enemy attacks can be repaired quickly.

This comes after China tested the Dongfeng DF-41 mobilely from a train in 2015. However, there is currently no evidence to suggest that China has built a rail-based platform.

The researchers wrote in the Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University that this doomsday train has a higher speed than long-distance trains.

"This means that the platform features high-speed rail, mobility, safety, and concealment of larger military vehicles," said Yin Zihong, study leader of the project.

According to him, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) or intercontinental ballistic missile can be put in the carriage when launched.

He also said that the weight of the ICBM would create a thrust equivalent to two to four times the maximum capacity of the train. This is because the Dongfeng DF-41 missile has the farthest range than any nuclear missile in the world.

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